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Devendra "Dave" Makkar
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May 29, 2006

The Governor
State of New Jersey
125 W. State Street, CN 001
Trenton, NJ 08625-0001

Attn.: Honorable Jon Corzine

DATED 5-06-06 & YOUR RESPONSE 5-23-06

Honorable Sir:

Thank you for your response on the above referred matters. I am sorry to say that I am totally disappointed with your dishonest, unethical and non-secular response to very serious problems affecting the residents of New Jersey which is creating more poverty and racism, rather then abolishing apartheid and alleviating people from poverty.

Your contention that the above matters falls under the jurisdiction of 566 local governments and 21 county governments being run by 587 Political Gangs is outrageous and horrendous. Please advise; how a person like me practically with no means can fight 587 gangs when they control Municipal Courts, County Superior Courts, Police, Media with the help of Big Law Firms run by criminals and a battalion of local & county Employees loyal to them only, all with the Billions of dollars of Tax Payers Money? Educate me to understand what interest these Political Gangs have to relinquish control of vast powers and financial resources with which this minority is unethically exploiting/governing the helpless majority for their personal benefits in the name of Democracy or Home Rule?

Be honest to yourself, why don't you admit you also depend on these Self-Serving Political Gangs for your own political survival and your re-election in the future? You know it very well as Governor of the state you can bring a Bill in the state Senate and Assembly to abolish this so called "Home Rule" in 566 Princely Estates of New Jersey supported by 21 Ransom or Protection Money Collecting Agencies "Counties", so that Rulers of these Estates can freely commit all kinds of crimes against the humanity. May be you have forgotten that it is your Party who controls both the houses in the State and ultimately you control the State. Power has corrupted you; you no longer can differentiate between right and wrong, ethical and unethical. I am sure when you was growing up your elders must have told you, before anything has to be legal it has to be ethical first.

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Your dishonest, unethical and non-secular response reminds me of my father who used to say there is a very big difference between animals and us the human being. We human beings have passion, compassion, emotions and a brain to think in ethical and moral terms, where as animals don't have any of these God gifted talents awarded to us. Unfortunately the New Jersey Politicians does not fit into his definition of human beings and you have also joined the Club of Self-Serving Political Gangs. These Gangs don't care even if they are stealing from infants, sick, elderly, poor and the helpless students who are the future of New Jersey. I don't know about you but personally I don't find all of this Patriotic & humanitarian in the service of people of New Jersey and this country.

Lastly your writing, "I will be guided by one principle-what is best for New Jersey. I am counting on the great people of our State to hold me accountable." This is also a big lie you are guided by one principle-what is best for Political Gangs of New Jersey and your own political survival. You are not accountable to the residents of this State. If you would have, "You would not have written to me that, "the matters of "legalized corruption and racial segregation" which you write fall under the jurisdiction of 566 local and 21 county "immoral and unethical" governments individually." How much you are getting paid for keeping your eyes and mouth closed or the sadistic pleasure you are enjoying from the ongoing massive legalized corruption and racial segregation in the state of New Jersey for which you are certainly accountable being Governor of the State? If you are afraid of these Political Gangs who are forcing you to be a party to apartheid & human misries for which history will never forgive them then let me remind you what your fellow Democrat Eleanor Roosevelt said, "You must do the thing you think cannot do."

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Dave Makkar

cc: United States Congress & Senate in addition to earlier correspondence 4-22-06

Honorable Members of Congress & Senate, since the Governor has failed to address the issues of legalized corruption and racial segregation in New Jersey. It is now the solemn and sacred duty of the members of both houses to address these issues. The undersigned has raised these issues in his home town Springfield and Union County. Democrat Gangs controlling them says it is their prerogative to address or not to address the issues raised by me. I did approach the Union County Superior Court of New Jersey also where a Judge Ross R. Anzaldi has the insanity to say these are mere frustrations of the Plaintiff with the Political System of New Jersey. I am at loss to understand how a judge can call legalized corruption and racial segregation in which human beings are being butchered & tortured every day in the name of "Home Rule" by Political Gangs; an ethical, moral, honest and Democratic Political System?

Respectfully submitted,
Dave Makkar

Encl.: Governor Corzine's response of May 23, 2006

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Devendra “Dave” Makkar
973 416 1600 Fax: 973 416 1500

June 6, 2006

The Governor, State of New Jersey
125 W. State Street, CN 001
Trenton, NJ 08625-0001

Attn.: Honorable Jon Corzine

Education Cuts 2,50,000 Abbott Students & 9,000 Elected Officials
4-18, 5-06, 5-29 & 5-31-06 & YOUR RESPONSE 5-23 & 5-30-06

Honorable Sir:

Thank you for your illusive response of 5-30-06 on the above referred matters.

Multiple Governments: Unfortunately you have again failed to explain how I can fight 587 Political Gangs stealing from infants, elderly, poor, sick, disabled, adults and students in the name of “Home Rule” exploiting/governing 566 Towns in 21 Counties. As an Ex- CEO of Goldman Sachs you can not deny the facts 520 Towns are not viable Corporations if they are run professionally like a Business Enterprise and certainly there is no need for 9,000 Elected officials also. I will certainly discuss your suggestion with my Assemblymen and Senator about the possibility of introducing Legislations to Regionalize the Governments and School System in our State. What initiative as the Governor of NJ you have taken or your party who control both houses has taken so far or proposing in this direction which is key to lower property taxes and less corruption?

Education: Every one knows; you can not unite people with one Religion and neither can you unite them with one Culture. Education is the most powerful tool with which you can unite a city, a state and a country. Equal and quality education to all can bring unity, harmony, peace, ethics, morality and prosperity to the citizens of this state.

A financially and socially not too well off student from Irvington High with class size of 32-35, broken/obsolete Desk Top for every 15 students and non existent other facilities; how he can compete with a financially and socially well off student from Springfield High with class size of 20-22 students, a Lap Top for every student and reasonably good facilities for other activities. We can not change social and financial backgrounds of every student but at least we can try to provide same quality education and other facilities to every student in our Public Schools for a better future. Irvington has 1 High School for 70,000 residents and Springfield has 2 for 14,000 residents. Recently in Irvington Play a Ground has been converted into Parking Lot for teachers!

Every where in the civilized world a School is known by its Principal, teachers and physical & art education teachers not by its Superintendent. Lately people who have nothing to do with education without application of mind have started calling early childhood education, physical education, music, art and craft non mandated programs. Whereas there are so many studies to prove that these are essential programs for quality education and over all development of a child as a future leader.

We have 651 School Board Superintendents besides 21 County Superintendents in 651 School Districts with 2,419 Schools for 1.4 Million Students out of which 2,50,000 can not comprehend in basic education. Then the number of school drop outs is over 30% and we do not want to acknowledge this problem at all. We do not have any alternate High School programs like vocational training especially designed for these drop outs. State of Delhi & capital of India for 3,035 state run schools with over 2.2 million students have only 1 Education Director. Some of the best doctors, scientist, engineers, architects, artists, computer professionals, educationists and businessmen in New Jersey are from Delhi State School System.

When each school has a Principal, Vice Principal and Superintendent. Why we need 672 School Board Superintendents and 5,000 School Board Members elected with little over 10% voter turn out? Each School Board Superintendent Office is costing over a million dollars to maintain in direct cost besides the millions in retirement cost and millions they steal from the students every year. Same is true for the state Universities also with outrageously paid too many managerial staff members and heads. Then you are proposing $169 Million dollars cuts in Education Funding. Given the importance of education to every one, this cut is unthinkable. Your budget proposal is one giant step backward for the NJ students. New Jersey’s future is in its class rooms, but that future is being mortgaged off to maintain the lavish life style of few individuals who are not needed in the first place and have nothing to do with student education.

Monuments of Corruption by Builders: A Democrat financier Zygmunt Wilf is not an exception who is building a huge Monument of Corruption in Democrat ruled Springfield by blowing a Hill Top facing our National Monument Baltusrol Golf Club. For last 8 years he is ruining the town by over building with illegal over sized structures; some in the parking lots of old complex approved in a legal manner by the corrupt Planning Board. At one time he illegally converted a Residential Road into a Commercial Highway and rented it for a huge amount of money to himself for more then 4 months.

Practically you go any place in New Jersey developers and well connected individuals are over building in the Towns which are already build to saturation. New norms are Construction by non-sensical Multiple Variances not by Land Use Ordinances,
Zoning Laws, Master Plan and conformity to existing structures & character of that town. There is a new breed of attorneys like Bruce Pitman, who can get you any type of multiple variances from a planning board even if that board has refused the same to another builder on the same land in the past on his suggestions/opinions. Then there are attorneys like Sharon Moore knowingly who are willing to defend the corrupt and illegal actions of a Planning Board. Above all you have Judges like Ross Anzaldi and John Malone who can put there seal of approval to legalize such high profile corruption and criminal activities involving attorneys, planning boards and developers. Till now there was a saying Developers are so rich they practically own Planning Boards of New Jersey but now they have become filthy rich that they own County Superior Courts also. All over the world Builders are happy with 5-10% return on their investments but in New Jersey various Planning Boards are working over time to get them a return of 35-40% by granting them all sorts of variances in addition to outdated very liberal RSIS norms to make them more rich so that one day they can afford to own the Governor of the state.

Governor of the State reminds me of your predecessor Democrat Governor McGreevy. When he was the Mayor of Woodbridge he along with his middle man Roger Chugh started converting Oak Tree Rd. into a slum. Roger Chugh was the darling of developers and individual owners who could get them permission to convert Residential Properties into a Commercial Property for a nominal consulting fee, fully funded trips to Atlantic City Casinos and some donations to local and County Democrats. Now the pace has come to such supersonic speed that within a year or two it will be a better Slum then a slum of a 3rd world corrupt country. There will be perpetual traffic jams, high number of accidents and vehicles burning fuels polluting the air just to look for a parking space. Current Mayor Frank Pelzman (D) who travels with his own media in a private conversation made a remark while inaugurating a store that Plans for this store were rejected 3 times and defended the system of Variances by Planning Boards!

Environmentalist, DEP, DOT and we the Residents do we care about New Jersey? Where we are heading with these kind of over constructions especially in towns which are already very congested? Have we ever thought seriously what we are going to leave behind for our future generations? Polluting, congested badly planned Cities? Our future generations will never forgive us, when they have to deal with and have to pick up the pieces of disaster created by us. Because we did not have the foresight and courage to say that all developments must be in conformance with Land use ordinance, Zoning Plans, Master Plan and in conformity to existing structures & character of that town.

I never migrated to USA for money or luxuries. I migrated here to become a Proud US Citizen in my quest for real democracy, secularism and less corruption. On all counts I have been betrayed, cheated by the politicians, bureaucrats and judiciary of New Jersey. It is my state and my country I want to take pride to be an American and New Jerseyan, not pity. So many people including me had very high hopes from you. But you have proved to be the biggest disappointment for not fighting corruption and racism. Sometime people become greedier to acquire more wealth by all means even when the wealth they already have become a curse for them for the simple reason they have failed to use it for good cause. May be that is the reason your marital life is a mess, you gave money selectively to few churches to influence voters and you was thrown out of Goldman Sachs. In my religion to pray for some body’s down fall for personal benefits is a sin but it allows you to pray for the same if it is in the larger interest of the society and the country. I will certainly pray to God to send a Henry Paulson and give courage to the great residents of my state to throw you out of the State House of New Jersey.
Dave Makkar
cc: DEP, DOT, Education Commissioners, Transportation & Environment Comm.
Hon. Senator Thomas Kean, Assemblymen Jon Bramnick & Eric Munoz